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My name is Elle Edwards and I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue working out with you guys in real-time after 13 successful (and extremely sweaty) weeks of live workouts on my Instagram. Each month I will be sharing a variety of workouts here on this website that you can do absolutely anywhere at any time with minimal equipment. On top of that I will be doing a live workout every 10 days where we can come together and train at the same time. My passion for fitness has blossomed during my time at university and knowing that my experiences may be able to help others reach their fitness goals gives me so much joy. I hope you have fun with these workouts and reach all of your goals!

Becoming part
of the family

You will also gain access to the Build & Burn Facebook group – a community filled with thousands of like-minded strong women helping one another to become a better version of themselves. This is a safe environment where you can share your journey, encourage others and find friends from all over the world who are working towards similar goals.


A Final Thank You

When I started my Instagram, I never would have imagined that I’d get the chance to interact with so many amazing individuals. I truly feel blessed that I have been given this opportunity and would like to thank everyone reading this for all of the support and kindness that you have given me. I share my workouts to help people achieve their fitness goals and if I can help even just one person it would be worth it! Thank you so, so much!